Kom i gang med automatisering på Ansible

Automation with Ansible – Basic

Learn why IT automation is a benefit for the company. Learn how to deliver stable functionality, reduce repetitive work and enable swift recovery through declarative automation of operations.

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Course description:

6 hands-on labs with practical and real-life examples

• Installation and configuration of Ansible

In this module we will go through the installation process of ansible, run ansible from command line, create inventories for ansible to use, discuss and try the different connection methods for Linux and Windows

• Creating playbooks

We will start this module with the tools needed for creating playbooks, VSCode, Git and GitHub. Discuss the playbook structure, versioning of playbooks, and create our first playbook

• Advanced functions in playbooks

In this module we will go through the various ways for adding functionality to the playbook   through variables, variable input, ansible facts, conditions & handlers

• Automating Cloud

In this ...

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... module we will through some of the public cloud modules & create secure access to the cloud provider. Create resources in the cloud, network and virtual machines & test Inventory Plugins

• Automating Network

In this module we will create playbooks to create and manager VLAN, routing & Firewall Policies

• Automating VMware

In this module we will work with some of the VMware VSphere modules, creating playbooks to manage storage, port groups and Virtual Machines


Knowledge about general IT administration in Windows Server, Linux, Virtualization, Network and Cloud

Software used in the course can run on Windows, Linux or Mac OSX – we encourage you to use your own laptop.

Kom i gang med automatisering på Ansible

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