Storage System Recovery & Troubleshooting for partners

This is the first course focuses on recovery of offline systems, including hardware causes, extraordinary circumstances, and resolving data inconsistency issues.


Partners in the hardware specialty who are ready to resolve catastrophic hardware and core cases.


Level 1 Partner Training 
• Familiarity with current NetApp hardware 

This is a NetApp Partner only event.


Day 1 

Module 1: Head Problems 
• Analyze a PCI-NMI message manually to develop a recovery plan 
• Analyze a watchdog panic to determine a resolution plan 

Module 2: Understanding Boot 
• Identify options in the Special Boot Menu, and when the option may be needed 
• Enter maintenance mode and use commands for troubleshooting without affecting the partner 
• Understand the stages of a storage system boot, and the potential causes for failure at each stage 

Day 2 

Module 3: Storage Subsystem 
• Trace the data path in a stack and in a loop to determine point of failure 
• Understand the types and causes ...

Vis mere

... of read and write errors to identify cause of failure 
• Interpret shelf logs and error messages to determine cause of issue 
• Understand checksum errors, and the importance of addressing them 

Module 4: RAID 
• Create a plan to recover from a multi-disk panic with data intact 
• Know the recovery methods for disk failures, including diskcopy 

Day 3 

Module 5: WAFL Recovery 
• Explain the causes of inconsistency 
• Determine which inconsistency recovery tool is best suited to a given scenario 
• Correctly use recovery guidance tools and templates 
• Explain, in customer-facing terms, the concept of REP


By the end of this course, you should be able to: 

• Bring a hard-down system online, with data intact 
• Eliminate repeat panics and boot loops on problematic systems 
• Restore stability to unstable customer environments.

Storage System Recovery & Troubleshooting for partners

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