SharePoint 2013-2016 Experienced (conducted in English)

Kursusmål This course will give you an insight and understanding of Microsoft SharePoint when using this as a platform for knowledge sharing or intranet, and how this can support specific needs within your organization. This course is aimed at users who are administrating websites in SharePoint (Owners)

After this course you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Create and maintain websites, subsites and content
  • Use and maintain web parts and content placeholders
  • Edit navigation interface on websites and webpages
  • Create and use standard apps (Website, library, and list templates)
  • Take advantage of the integration between Microsoft Office and SharePoint
  • Use surveys
  • Work with webpages
  • Create and maintain access rights for users and groups
  • Create and use metadata columns

On this course the installation on the computer is a local installation (On premises) of Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Edition in English. This installation covers the same options, you would have on SharePoint online, if you choose to activate classic interface. This is described in the course compendium.

This course is also relevant, if you are ...

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... working in SharePoint as parts of the Office 365.

The installation is in English and the course compendium will be in English
Deltagere The course is aimed at you who need to make the best use of the facilities offered by SharePoint 2013-2016 in relation to use, publishing and administering an intranet, extranet and websites and webpages.

It is a pre- requisite that you have knowledge equal to, or have participated on the course SharePoint 2013-2016 Basic. It is also expected that you have knowledge in using the applications within Microsoft Office on a basic level as well as the internet explorer.

If you have never used SharePoint before, we recommend that you attend the course SharePoint 2013-2016 Basic.

Do you have questions, please feel free to contact 4D on 33 14 71 44, or via the chat on the 4D website.
We look forward to seeing you at our place!
Kursusmateriale You get a course compendium, that can be used as a reference along with exercises, supporting the course.
Kursus indhold SharePoint in general

  • A general introduction to the basic terms in SharePoint
  • Introduction to the various types of site templates in SharePoint, including Team sites, wiki sites, blogs and discussion boards
  • An introduction to the hierarchy of roles in SharePoint
Administering portal structure
  • Introduction to planning and creation of a structure within a portal
  • Demonstration of publishing pages and document center
  • Introduction to Site Content and Structure
Maintaining Websites
  • Creating websites
  • Maintain the appearance of your websites
  • Create and maintain the navigation on your website
  • Introduction to webpages and Wiki features
Publishing Features
  • Introduction to website settings
  • Introduction to publishing on SharePoint
Maintaining user rights
  • Creating and using user groups
  • Maintaining users and group access
Creating and maintaining libraries and lists
  • Creating libraries and lists
  • Maintain settings and access
  • Create views
  • Manage assets libraries
  • Create surveys
  • Import lists from Excel to SharePoint lists
Creating and maintaining views
  • Create a view
  • Maintain views
Document handling
  • Create rules for start date, expiration date and others
  • Versioning and check out/in documents
  • Create and use metadata columns
  • Edit document templates
Social Collaboration
  • Activate rating on content
  • Mentions and Marks
Add web parts to webpages and websites
  • Introduction to content editing, multimedia apps and Promoted Links
  • Libraries and lists are apps also
  • Create connections between web parts
Presentation of integration with Microsoft Office
  • Introduction to the use of InfoPath forms in SharePoint (2013)
  • Publish Visio drawings
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SharePoint 2013-2016 Experienced (conducted in English)

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