SharePoint 2013-2016 Basic (conducted in English)

Kursusmål This course will give you an insight into and understanding of Microsoft SharePoint used as a platform to share information via the intranet and internet, and how this can support the more specific needs of your company. The course level matches users with the user right Contributors.

After the course, you will be able to handle the following tasks:

  • SharePoint navigation and searching
  • Working with files within libraries and items in lists
  • Creating comments, contributions in weblogs or following content
  • Using the integration between Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office
  • Using My Site as a user and understanding the possibilities in this

In this course the setup is a local setup (On premises) of Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise edition. This setup covers the same basic options available on SharePoint Online assuming classic interface has been activated

This course is also relevant for you, if you are working in SharePoint as part of an Office 365 solution.

Do you need to learn how to create, administer and set up websites, pages, libraries and lists, including the setup of user rights, we recommend our course ...

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... Microsoft SharePoint Experienced.

The setup during the course is in English, and you will receive a book in English as well.

The course is in English.

On this course you will gain the best knowledge through a combination of theory, Q and A's and exercises. You will receive a book to support the exercises. In order to maintain the obtained skills, we recommend to use this book as a reference after the course. If you have further questions after the course, you will have the option to contact the instructor for answers after the course.
Deltagere The course is aimed at users, who wants a general introduction on how to use Microsoft SharePoint as a user with the rights to add, edit and delete documents (Contributors). This course does not cover how to create, edit and administer websites, libraries and lists.

You do not need any previous experience with SharePoint, but we do assume that you have a basic knowledge on how to work in the applications in Microsoft Office, primarily Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
Kursusmateriale You get a course material you can use as an encyclopedia after the course and downloads of course exercises.
Kursus indhold SharePoint in general

  • An introduction to Microsoft SharePoint
  • The user interface in SharePoint, including a demonstration of how to navigate in SharePoint
  • An introduction to websites in SharePoint
Libraries in SharePoint
  • An introduction to document libraries
  • Create and save documents
  • Multiple users working in the same document
  • An introduction to the different types of libraries
  • An introduction to views
  • Check out/in
  • Working with document versions
  • An introduction to the use of meta data columns
Lists in SharePoint
  • An introduction to lists, including Announcements, Links and Contacts
  • Creating, editing and deleting items in lists
Working with views
  • Creating personal views
  • Edit personal views
Tools within libraries and lists
  • Introducing the Recycle Bin
  • "Alert Me" in libraries and lists
  • Introducing RSS options
  • Connect lists and libraries to MS Outlook
  • Exporter/Import to and from MS Excel
  • Searching SharePoint
Social Collaboration
  • Tagging documents
  • Follow websites, libraries, lists and documents
Introducing Webparts
  • An introduction to web parts on websites and pages
Introducing My Site
  • About Me
  • Your Newsfeed
  • OneDrive Pro
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SharePoint 2013-2016 Basic (conducted in English)

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