Abobe Illustrator Basic (conducted in English)

Kursusmål On the Illustrator Basic course, you will learn how to create drawings and artwork, including linking of logos and other images.
You learn how to use the many tools and effects in Illustrator to create vector graphics, which ensures that your drawings will be crisp, regardless of size and output.
You get an insight into the DTP world, and will learn about when to use vector graphics vs. bitmap graphics.
This course will be held by an Adobe Certified Instructor.
Deltagere The course is for you, who in your daily work, needs to create everything from icons and logos for card drawings and product artwork.
There are no requirements for product-related conditions, but it is assumed that you have worked with PC before and are familiar with the Windows user interface.
The course covers Illustrator versions from CS4 up to CC. Classes are held in the English version of CC.
Kursusmateriale The course will increase your benefits by alternating between theory, elaborated questions and practical exercises. To support these exercises you will be given an assignment and an approved book.
To maintain and develop your skills we ...

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... recommend that you use the course material as a reference after the course. And remember that you are always welcome to contact our instructors if you have any questions.
Kursus indhold Introduction to Illustrator
The purpose of this module is to give you an overview of the programstructure and concepts that are relevant to your daily work with Illustrator. You will then have an understanding of how to navigate the program, and how to customize the user interface to your needs.

  • Programming, tools and panels
  • General program setup

Basic Drawing in Illustrator
In this module Illustrator's basic drawing tools will be reviewed. You will learn how to draw shapes, scaling graphic and handling Illustrator's built-in character library.

  • Simple shapes
  • Advanced figures
  • Pen tool
  • Stroke settings
  • Effects on figures
  • Symbols

Working with objects
Here the focus will be on Illustrator tools for transforming, moving and rotating. Illustrator can help in the accuracy with respect to position the objects correctly on the page. There will also be introduction to tools that can create more advanced shapes.

  • Adjustment of the figures
  • Pathfinder
  • Guides and Smart Guides
  • Scale, rotate, transform objects, etc.

Colors and gradients in Illustrator
You will get an understanding of the different color spectra's and libraries, such as CMYK, RGB and Pantone. We will work with both the creation and importing/exporting of colors in Illustrator documents. After the module, you can create your own colors, export them for use in other Adobe programs, and use the colors in different objects in Illustrator.

  • RGB colors versus CMYK colors
  • Colors and gradients
  • Stroke and fill color

Layers in Illustrator
With layers in Illustrator, you will get a better overview of the various content in the document. This module we will work with the opportunities to lock, hide, and select objects and change the order of the objects using the Layers panel.

  • Layers panel
  • Template layer
  • Layers transparency
  • Selecting objects
  • Layer order
  • Move objects between layers

Text and text effects
This module is all about formatting and editing text. Subsequently, you can work with text in Illustrator format, and get an understanding of how you import and work with text from other documents.

  • Composition of text and graphics
  • Heading Text
  • Column Text
  • Formatting text
  • Text Colors

Preparing for print, PDF and to monitor
The last module of the course aims to give you an understanding of how a PDF file is put together, with the correct settings for what media the document should be suited for (web or print).

  • Save as PDF for web or for print
Du kan finde alle informationer om dette kursus ved at gå ind på http://www.4d.dk/Kurser/Adobe/Illustrator/Ikke_angivet/533533

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Abobe Illustrator Basic (conducted in English)

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